Editorial Style Instagram Posts

One of my favorite things to do in regards to Art & Design is create beautiful photography style / editorial style Instagram posts for a more visually pleasing Instagram feed.

I got the idea from reading different publications in Fader Magazine, Paper Magazine as well as, my all time favorite publication, Complex Magazine.

The idea of these posts is to a more professional + cohesive look to my Instagram posts such as this one. IMG_4257

The photos taken in this specific post were taken by me on my Canon T5i rebel with a 18-135mm kit lens. To create this look I edited the photos included with Adobe Lightroom and 2 mobile iPhone apps called VSCO Cam and Pics art which are extremely simple to use and navigate to create these types of posts.

The posts are so visually pleasing that you could even put these on your portfolio website and not just for personal use for social media, here is another example.


The formal side of editorial design revolves around the aspect of typography, layout as well as photography. That relates more directly to newspapers, magazines more business style types of design.

Here is my last post to show:



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